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Emotional overwhelm

At age 60, I ended a 25 year marriage. I was very in need of support as I was heading into a divorce and had many complex feelings about leaving a husband with Aspergers. I felt completely daunted by what lay ahead.  


A close friend referred me to Jenny Ellis, saying that she worked from a very nurturing and empowering framework for women. I was tentative as I came from a counselling background and had been disappointed before.  

However at my first appointment I felt completely comfortable discussing my situation with Jenny. Firstly we dealt with my guilt at leaving and Jenny assisted me to believe I had a right to happiness.   


With Jenny’s support, I found myself able to deal with the stress of divorce proceedings while maintaining a sense of control and dignity. 


Once through this crisis period, I came to realise that I needed to process the effects of a long, isolating and lonely marriage and reclaim my sense of identity. 


Jenny listens with understanding and is able to reflect your situation back to you in a way which enables you to make sense of things. She also assists you to understand and accept responsibility for your decisions.   


Jenny also incorporates body work and chakra-puncture into her sessions and this seems to support the psychological healing.  


I continue to see Jenny as patterns are easy to repeat, however I feel I am now on a journey which is about self-acceptance and self-love and my current relationships and achievements positively reflect this journey.  

I have never experienced a counsellor who works from such an empowering framework and I am eternally grateful for Jenny’s dedication to her practice.


J.S. New Farm

"Esoteric Breast Massage is positively the most caring and nurturing treatment I have ever received and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any women I know."

R.C 43 Organisational Change Manager

Chronic lung condition, general lack of well-being

"I took the time to know how well I feel now and how much of a significant part you played in helping me start to get well. 

I thank you so much for your gentle and respectful manner, it calmed me so much. I also thank you for your great care and careful consideration of the best way to guide me on my path to wellness.

Thanks so much for all you do and for who you are."

P.R. Brisbane

Lack of self worth, body image

Being overweight and having breastfed seven children, I hated the way my breasts looked and felt. After my first Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) I could not deny that something had changed.

I felt a shift within myself and in the way I felt towards my breasts. I felt for the first time in a long time that I was on the right track. 

Through regular EBM's I discovered very entrenched feelings of not being good enough and a significant lack of self worth.

What I also discovered was something I did not recall feeling since being a young girl... a deep, natural sense of my own beauty that felt quite magnificent and was unrelated to how I looked on the outside. 


Learning to stay connected to this sense of beauty did not happen overnight, but it did happen and today I consider the EBM to be a pure gift to women everywhere and would not hesitate to recommend it. 

S.G. 55 Nurse/Birth Educator


Jenny is very professional, gentle, caring and what she said made sense. I would fall asleep during the sessions and wake up feeling so relaxed. I now cope much better and find it easier to manage when it does happen these days. 

C.S Brisbane

Lower back pain

Five years ago I was diagnosed with a few bulging discs and a protrusion of the spine. I was seeing a chiropractor for a while but felt it wasn't working. 

I came across Sacred Esoteric healing and had my first session with Jenny Ellis – it was nothing short of amazing! 

I could feel the things that had been going on in my life that I was not dealing with, which I could feel like a big weight I was carrying around.

It took time to deal with them but today my life has changed in so many ways as a result.

I am less anxious, I have much more body awareness, my food choices are so much healthier and nurturing and I have a clear understanding of my life choices. l've also learnt to honour what l'm feeling.

I don't carry that weight around anymore. When situation comes up in my life now I choose to deal with it and not bury or numb it. My back is doing great, I can even go on long walks now without any pain, which is incredible. l'm now enjoying life again. 

This all happened through the support of Esoteric healing and I would highly recommend it, it has changed my life.

Jody Bladin 47 Business owner

Adrenal exhaustion, thyroid disorder

I have had the privilege of receiving Chakra-puncture that I feel has assisted me to completely transform my health and how I live my life.  

As a health professional myself who has worked in mainstream medical system for over 30 years, I became open to seeking additional complementary support for a health condition that the medical support I had received was not able to resolve.

Even after the initial session, I wasn’t really sure how this modality would support me to address the thyroid and adrenal issues I had. I had felt very low in energy for many years, and was very susceptible to infections,

I experienced both an immediate and long-term effect of the Chakra- puncture sessions with my practitioner Jenny Ellis.

One significant unexpected thing that resulted was how I felt in my body at the completion of the session. I had a sense of greater calm and stillness that I had never experienced before. Due to this immediate effect, I continued to have regular sessions. 

Within four months, unbelievably I was able to come off all my medication and much of my energy had returned.  During this process, I slowly started taking better care of myself, which I had neglected due to being a busy working mother of seven children. 

I feel the Chakra-puncture and  the support of Jenny enabled me to feel how important It was to not only care for myself but to be able to sustain this without too much effort, which I had not been able to do previously to this.

Subsequently, my thyroid and adrenal issue resolved and I changed from being sick every 2 weeks to being sick maybe once or twice a year.

Sharon 53, Nundah

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