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 WOMEN'S HEALTH | Jennifer Ellis

Brisbane | Southside

When it comes to Women's Health Jennifer offers a fresh and truly holistic approach. Combining many years experience in applying a nutritional, dietary and herbal approach, there came a point where she realised it was not enough, that seeing the best of medicine and complementary therapies applied was not hitting the mark.

The ability for clients to make true and lasting change and to live with vibrancy and vitality was elusive... there was still a missing link.

Of this she says..."We suffer a health condition and we want relief or resolution of it and so try making this change or that, taking this remedy or that. Something however has led to the formation of that condition in terms of the choices we are making on a daily basis. What l've discovered is that all choices in life arise either from the truth of who we are, or they are influenced by the ideals, beliefs and expectations we have taken on. The latter is a compromise that will have an impact on our well-being and later therefore on our bodies in terms of our health." 

She goes on to say... "Knowing who we are and making choices that are true to that is an essential component in health-care, and is the factor we have missed when it comes to addressing our ailments and ill-health conditions."

Jenny works from a foundation of her own experience and from the interplay she sees between the truth of who we are, our choices in life and the impact these have on the body. She has come to understand that who we are must be known and lived and that living without compromise to this part of ourselves is what ultimately ensures a healthy body.

This is effectively saying that women must get to know who they are again, free from the outer impositions of ideals, beliefs and expectations taken on while growing up.


Jenny supports a woman to re-establish the relationship she has with her self through a relationship with her own body, supporting her to connect with and to know what is true for her.

It is the compromise of this that is ultimately the catalyst undermining our sense of well-being and therefore as a consequence, impacting our health. It is the restoration of this relationship that empowers a woman to make choices that are supportive for her and to make changes that are true and sustainable in life. 

What to expect in a session

A session will always begin with a check-in, what has been going on in that woman's life, with her health, her sense of wellbeing, with applying into her life what might have been discussed in a previous session and so on.

If there is something further to explore or discuss, then this occurs in the first 15 -30 minutes.

From here relevant bodywork occurs, supporting the woman to integrate what was discussed and to re-establish a deeper connection with herself again. This is like a 'reset', supporting the woman to go back into her life with greater clarity, awareness and the strength of her own connection to what is true for her or not.

To book a session with Jennifer Ellis on Women's Health issues please click the button below or use the contact form in the footer. 

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