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Jennifer Ellis | Brisbane

Jenny offers a range of

Health and Wellbeing Programs

for both the individual client as well as for organisations and specific-need professions

such as teaching, nursing and human services.

Her expertise and clinical experience allows the understanding and delivery of Wellness Programs that not only explore what underpins our ability to initiate effective and sustainable self-care,

but also offer an understanding of

what it is that gets in our way.  

As it becomes increasingly commonplace for organisations across the board to understand the significance of Wellness Programs in the workplace, Jennifer has expertise in a broad range of key topics around wellness, self-care, well-being, health and vitality.

Jennifer is known for her ability to be real, to offer insight and understanding and to provide a warm and inclusive interactive space in which participants can explore their relationship to the topics presented.

She offers practical take-home tools that can be applied into every aspect of life, supporting health and wellbeing in an all-encompassing way. 

For further enquires on Wellness Programs, focussing on health and well-being in the workplace, contact Jenny Ellis via email or phone using the Contact page

For further information on presentations and topics see Jennifer Ellis | PRESENTER

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