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 PRESENTER | Health & Well-being


Brisbane, Australia

Jennifer has been a presenter on aspects of health and wellbeing to audiences across Brisbane for over 10 years and brings a wealth of experience, awareness, insight and understanding to a variety of key topics relevant to our everyday life.

She challenges current paradigms, inspiring a fresh perspective and empowering both men and women to re-establish a healthy relationship with their bodies, to re-build vitality and to regain a true sense of well-BEING.

Jennifer speaks from experience, with the wisdom and understanding of what it takes to live in today’s fast-paced world while maintaining vitality, genuine-ness, a quality of being, awareness and a sense of joy.

She draws on a long history in clinical practice as a naturopath, including a period of burnout where she learnt by experience the significance of true self-care and what it is that underpins our ability to do so effectively and consistently.


Jennifer redefines what it means to be healthy and to have a sense of well-being usually only associated with our very young, and offers audiences the opportunity to pull themselves out of the daily grind. 


She is dedicated to supporting people and places great value on walking her talk, understanding that through inspiration we are able to make and sustain the sort of changes we want.

She offers practical, take-home tools to support an understanding of not only what’s needed, but the keys to building a solid foundation of vitality that supports us in every aspect of daily life.


Jennifer is widely sought throughout Brisbane for her professional skills and capacity to support sustainable change, presenting regularly to groups across all sectors: education, government and corporate.


Amongst the broad range of topics she commonly speaks to are:


True vitality and well-being – what is it, why we lose it, how we re-build it

Self-care as a necessary foundation for life – why we don't do what we know supports us, the real keys to true and sustainable change. Simple tools to take home

Self-care in the workplace – ensuring you don't leave your self out

Work-life balance – the key to achieving a sense of balance without taking extra time out

Stress – what it is exactly, how we can truly address it

Exhaustion, burnout and overwhelm – turning it around, how to re-establish deeply rejuvenating sleep, understanding the body's inbuilt rhythm for establishing vitality

Self-worth & self-esteem – the difference and the significance. Understanding self-worth and its role in self-care, how we can build self worth daily.

Women's health & well-being – the missing piece, why and how women have lost themselves, what it takes to turn it around. Roles, expectations, beliefs, ideals - public enemy number one when it comes to women's health. 

For further enquires into presentations on health and well-being at work please contact Jennifer Ellis via the CONTACT page. 

All programs tailored to the needs of the work place

  • It's hard work, it takes effort

  • It means 'time out'

  • No pain, no gain

  • It's expensive

  • It's about having a great looking body

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