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Cancer Support Services

Jenny offers a range of supportive services for those undergoing medical treatment for cancer including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. She does not offer alternatives to conventional cancer treatment, but is able to provide adjunctive therapies that support the body to undergo the recommended medical procedures with greater ease. Feedback from clients over the years has indicated that benefits include faster recovery time, a greater sense of well-being throughout, less severe symptoms, a sense of empowerment and a greater ability to surrender to the healing on offer throughout the process. 

Jenny has recently completed the requisite level of training in Oncology Massage in order to offer an additional supportive service for clients going through cancer treatment. This safe, gentle and deeply nurturing form of massage is conducted with full respect to whatever surgery, chemotherapy or radiation a client is or has undergone. This training is conducted, accredited and endorsed through the Oncology Massage Limited, Australia.


Jenny has found the application of Chakra-puncture to be particularly effective throughout chemotherapy and radiation, and offers clients tailored programs based on the regime of their medical treatment plan. 

As a Naturopath Jenny is also able to offer nutritional, dietary and supplement advice as well as counselling support throughout treatment. 

"I can't thank Jenny enough for her support of my breast cancer treatment! She always made time for me at the critical points, such as around chemotherapy appointments. Jenny’s healing touch gave me strength and courage to go through all the prescribed treatments. I felt deeply connected to my inner self, contented and confident in my chosen healing journey. My side effects were minimal. Jenny is a highly experienced, professional and compassionate healer." Libby T

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