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Jenny's underlying philosophical approach, based on 30 years experience across a wide range of modalities, is something she applies and lives in every aspect of her own life. Understanding through experience she has learnt the significance of walking her talk on the ability for clients to be inspired to make choices that are true and supportive for them.

Understanding, insight and self-responsibility are terms Jenny has come to appreciate over the years, applying them to herself for the first part before seeing their relevance within the healing environment.


Some of the most common feedback Jenny receives from clients is that she makes sense of things, and it is through this understanding she will say, that a point of healing is offered. 

Jenny is an experienced multi-modality practitioner  who's work and support is sought after and of this she says...

"Whilst my training in complementary healing modalities is broad, it has been the understanding I have gained and applied through studying the Ageless Wisdom and the modalities I experienced and subsequently learnt, that made my own healing possible and that I attribute to the enormous benefit and success for clients I have seen evident in my practise over the past 19 years. 

 If I were not to live what I have come to understand about myself, of our true nature as beings and of life itself, it is likely I would not be practising today and certainly I would not be effective in the way I see evident in clients every day.


We are grand beings, there's no other way to describe us. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for, instead living life in a way that does not allow the full expression of this grandness. 


There is so much more to understand about what motivates our 'lifestyle choices' than what we eat, drink and when we rest. If we are to turn around the enormous tide of illness and disease, and the current state of our lives, we have got to begin looking at the choices arising from this lesser state of being we conduct ourselves from.


Healing involves restoring a connection and relationship with the being we are, with who we are from within, free from the imposition of the roles and expectations we have identified ourselves by and strive to live up to.


Restoring that relationship allows us to feel with confidence what is true in life and what is not, to know ourselves, to know how we really feel.  It actually allows us to make sense of our past and be able to let things go with that understanding, to restore a sense of our true value and worth in life, to make choices we know support us, and to make sense of others, their choices and the world around us. 


ALL this impacts our health and well-being, profoundly so in my experience, and is the missing link that sees us make every effort to heal ourselves through medicine, diet, exercise and so on, and yet often still find ourselves unwell, unsettled, anxious, depressed, in conflict or in disharmony with the people around us, in aspects of life in general, or in some cases to have everything that is seemingly good in our lives yet still feel that something is missing." 

Jenny brings all this into a practical everyday application, supporting clients to make sense of themselves, their ailments, challenges and often of life itself.


Through this process she re-defines for clients what it means to be truly well and vital, supporting them to let go and heal what ails them. From this point of healing, making and sustaining the changes they feel are needed for themselves is simply and easily embraced. 

To book a session or learn more about Jennifer Ellis as a naturopath and complementary health practitioner click the relevant button below. 

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