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Esoteric Massage is a healing modality used to support the body in releasing ingrained energetic and physical disharmony and dysfunction.

This gentle massage works on restoring the right flow of energy through the body to enable it to return to it's natural, unhindered physical movement.

What to expect in a session

The experience of an Esoteric Massage is unique, unlike any other form of massage. It is light in touch however through the deep respect and integrity for the client and their physical body, the quality of touch supports and allows a surrender and release of deeply held tension.


Those experiencing it for the first time are often surprised by its effectiveness and clients commonly report feeling deeply relaxed and at ease within themselves. 


The massage is a great way to reconnect, feel truly nurtured and to have a moment of space with yourself. 

Massages in Fairfield, at the beautiful heritage listed Ashby House, can be enjoyed as a one-off, a regular healing program or gifted to a loved one. For gift certificate options click here

Massages with Jenny Ellis are available at Fairfield. 

To book your massage contact Jenny or use the booking button below.

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