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Sacred Esoteric Healing is a gentle hands on healing technique that supports a client to deeply rest within themselves. The experience of surrender and stillness in the session becomes a powerful indicator of what we are capable of bringing to all aspects of work and life, hence supporting the client well beyond the treatment room.

To date, Jennifer has supported hundreds of clients to realise lasting lifestyle change and overcome a wide variety of personal and health issues with the assistance of this modality.


She says... "For healing to occur it is essential to change the energy that is causing whatever problem we might have, whether it me a situation, a behaviour or an emotion."

The central premise of Sacred Esoteric Healing is that, when left unhindered by the stressors and challenges of life, we have an innate ability to heal ourselves through a relationship with our inner-essence.

Our inner essence is nothing but light (energy), it contains no emotions and no needs and it is from this place we can gain insight, awareness and understanding of the patterns and choices that drive us. It is from this place we know who we really are, separate to the roles we play and know what is really true for us.

Sacred Esoteric Healing supports people to have a space to re-acquaint themselves with this innate knowing and with their deepest quality, and through this, allows for all manner of changes to be possible in daily life.

What to expect in a session

A Sacred Esoteric Healing session typically begins with a check-in, allowing the client to settle, share anything relevant and to discuss any current challenges. 

This initial foundation is followed by the gentle hands-on techniques of Esoteric Healing, facilitating a space for the body to communicate, expanding awareness around the tensions we find ourselves under and the ways we manage these in our lives. 

This allows the opportunity to be empowered in understanding the deeper motives behind our choices and the ability to make and sustain changes that then support us in life. 

Clients regularly report feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed, clear-headed and with a clear sense of the way forward.

"What is of ill comes from and is caused by an energy.  Not choosing that ill-energy will simply not create the ill. Too simple, isn’t it? And yes, we are far from that simplicity being our way of thinking and way of life. But, if this were our common language and after some initial dedicated openness to the subject, we would all soon see it as it actually is and eventually live its simplicity."

Serge Benhayon

An Open Letter to Humanity, p 110