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Chakra-puncture is a health-care modality in which needles are applied very lightly to the skin, serving the purpose of restoring harmonious balance

to the energetic state of our being. Through this,

the body is supported 

to return to it's naturally vital state.

Chakra-puncture, while appearing to have similarities with acupuncture by virtue of its use of needles, bears no actual similarity in terms of its foundation or application for use.

Chakra-puncture works with the placement of needles in designated areas (called chakras or energy centres) to engage a quality of energy that is innate to each of us. In response to that engagement, this quality of energy begins to expand within the body, gradually restoring a sense of settlement, stillness and equilibrium, hence restoring our most natural state of being. 


Chakra-puncture can allow a person to experience a surrender in which the release of tension, tightness, excessive thinking, emotional turmoil and stress can occur. In this the potential for a deep inner connection with oneself can be felt.

Chakra-puncture is a modern-day technique with it's roots in an ancient lineage of Esoteric Wisdom (Esoteric = innermost). It is based on the Science of the Nadi's (the energetic cells of our body) 

Chakra-puncture uses very soft, fine needles​ that are tube delivered and are inserted only to a depth of 0.2 to 0.5mm. The manner of insertion is very gentle and very slight with only a light touch needed. No manipulation of needles is required and it is generally experienced as painless. 

Conditions I commonly treat with Chakra-puncture
  • Anxiety

  • Mild depression

  • Lower back problems

  • General imbalance

  • Stress

  • Nervous tension 

  • Changing behaviour patterns

  • Fatigue

  • Lack of motivation for life

  • Lack of self-love / self-worth

  • Low immunity

  • Emotional overwhelm

To book a session with Jennifer Ellis for Chakra-puncture please use the button below or the email form in the footer. 

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