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A truly festive season: Holiday treatment programs to deeply restore

When it comes to Christmas holidays the tendency to over-indulge and generally let ourselves go is pretty normal. The trouble is, we end up needing to recoup from this, rather than using the opportunity to deeply rest, restore ourselves, truly recharge our batteries and be feeling energised and vital for the year ahead. For many of us it's not until our last few days of holiday that we even begin to feel wound-down and in a state where we can rest properly. So this is where treatment programs come to the fore...

The purpose of a program is to offer a re-set. When we spend a prolonged period of time in a certain momentum, it takes a more concentrated and sustained focus to pull it up and begin re-establishing new patterns that are sustaining and sustainable.

Having a specific focus for a number of sessions allows us to develop greater awareness and understanding of what has been at play for us, why, what it takes to turn it around and most importantly, how we might approach it all differently next year.

Programs can include:

Turning around exhaustion: It takes many months, if not years to run ourselves down in a way that leaves us feeling exhausted and debilitated all the time. Turning this around is very possible but requires diligence and often support for the body to restore it’s potential for vitality again. This can involve support to break habits that on one hand keep us going, but on the other, keep us in the cycle of exhaustion.

These programs support the ability to rest deeply, restoring our natural rhythm of sleep in which the body is able to rejuvenate itself effectively.

Immune Boosting: Often part of becoming tired and run down is for our immune systems to be weakened, leaving us susceptible to more frequent illness, or with low-grade conditions we struggle to resolve.

An immune boosting program is tailored to support not only the body in it’s run-down state, but also targets specifically the body’s ability to fight. This can involve restoring more restful and rejuvenating sleep, adjustments to diet and for some, supplementation with known vitamins or herbs.

Getting a handle on Anxiety: Anxiety is fast becoming one of our most debilitating conditions, not only depleting the body of its reserves, but undermining our ability to conduct ourselves in life with confidence and ease.

Programs to support anxiety involve supporting the body to unwind, releasing the held tension and allowing a deeper stillness to resume. From this restored state of harmony, a clearer perspective is often seen, and with this the opportunity to understand where or how we might step forward in a more empowered way.

Setting new Sleep Rhythms: Sleep is our most important and significant restorative activity. Without good quality, rejuvenating sleep we can never turn around exhaustion, let alone expect to feel great throughout a day.

Programs involve supporting the body to wind down, pausing the momentum of busy-ness, anxiousness, and drive. This allows the body to resume a more natural sense of tiredness, from which we sleep more deeply and restoratively.

This supports building back reserves, which mean our vitality, something many of us haven’t felt since being young children.

Re-connecting and establishing new foundations: Feeling deeply settled and still within ourselves is not something many experience as a normal part of their day, and yet it is our most natural state. This program supports women especially to re-connect with their inner stillness and to re-establish this as a foundation for going about their day.

Detoxification: Sometimes we feel like sweeping the slate clean, clearing out the accumulation of months or even years of poor food choices, excesses, prolonged emotional periods, periods of stress or pressure. All these can create a feeling of being overloaded or ‘toxic’. The detox program is designed to support the body on many levels, not just physically, and offers the opportunity in that sense to start fresh.

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