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What's this writing all about...

Writing is something I love and with so much that needs to be said about this crazy world we exist in,

it is inevitable that some makes it's way to these pages.

All views expressed are my own, based on 53+ years of living, learning (often the hard way), observation, and an ever-expanding awareness of life around me as multi-dimensional, including each of us.

Einstein's basic tenet that 'everything is energy' (E=MC2) and Serge Benhayon's extension of this '... therefore everything is also because of energy' and the application of this in a practical daily sense, is something I have gradually come to understand as an inseparable part of the fabric of life. Understanding life and ourselves this way underpins the potential for a complete re-write in our approach to life and our experience of everything in it.

I am living proof that this re-write works and I have seen daily confirmation of this through my work in a clinical sense for over fifteen years now, not to mention in my friends, family and colleagues.

Nothing in this world is as it seems to our basic five senses and as I gradually re-learn to feel and read what is in front of me from an inner (6th) sense of knowing, rather than from my mind, the richer and more profound is my experience of every aspect of life, starting with myself.

There is so much more to us than we have given ourselves credit for, so much more wisdom, insight, awareness, understanding. love (the true sort), capacity for truth, integrity, decency and genuine respect, for true care, compassion, community and for a depth of relationship that confirms our very being.

We have sold ourselves so short it is no wonder to me that we have the extent of anxiety, depression, suicide, chronic illness and disease, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual perversion in all it's forms, divorce, war and conflict, corruption, bullying, crime as well as our common-variety discontent, office politics, family feuds and so on.

To say our current way of life is not working is an understatement if ever I heard one, and in my view it is time to explore another way. This way involves a whole-body-intelligence, listening to and honouring the myriad of communications it offers us in every moment. We have given the mind and it's learned 'intelligence' the limelight for a very long time, without any sign of a true advance in the quality of being we foster.

It is a long overdue change that is called for and what I write is from the humility of having walked some baby-steps towards that change, navigating what is true and what is not. In actual fact it is a re-tracing of steps, returning to something innate and natural, known instinctively through a true relationship with the body. It is one of the most delightful realisations I have had to date that there is nothing to improve on or to make better within us, and despite what the spiritual new age would have us hoodwinked to believe, there is in truth no destination to strive for other than simply a return to the truth of who we are.

THAT restores true well-BEING and therefore true health and vitality.

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