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The Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is a specialised healing modality under the umbrella of Esoteric Women’s Health (EWH).


This modality is and has only ever been practiced

by women, for women. 

As a qualified, accredited and experienced EBM practitioner for over 13 years, Jennifer acknowledges that the breasts reflect an energetic centre for a woman and her natural ability to nurture.  In her experience this modality offers a woman the opportunity to reconnect with a deeper sense of herself, reminding her that she is this first, before she goes about doing anything in life.  The EMB supports the restoring of a connection to this essence within – an exquisite tenderness, delicateness and beauty, a depth of quality that is unmistakeable for her and forms the foundation of a true sense of self-worth, untouched by outside views of what makes a woman's worth. 


It is from this comes the natural ability to discern what is truly loving and honouring of her in life and to make choices based on this. 

Whilst the EBM modality itself focusses on the surrounding areas of the breasts, the session itself is encompassing of the woman's entire physical, emotional and mental well-being.

What Jennifer has noticed is that this modality supports a woman to not only naturally deepen her own self-care through developing a new relationship with herself but that this allows the development of greater awareness of her breast health. With this greater responsibility can be taken for discerning changes within the breasts, whether that is swelling, lumps or areas of pain. 

Breast screening is an essential part of our responsibility as women for early detection of breast cancer however developing a deeply nurturing relationship with our own body and breasts is an important step towards true vitality and breast health.

What to expect in an EBM Session

The first session involves a detailed discussion of the modality itself, it's relevance to the woman's health and a comprehensive history of any medical, gynaecological and reproductive history.


The EBM itself is a gentle, nurturing massage technique with very light pressure applied directly to the skin. Using a specifically designed warmed cream and oil, the massage is focused predominantly on the lymphatic areas below the armpit and surrounding the breast, including the upper chest area.


Modesty is retained and respected at all times throughout the session with the use of a warm disposable towel and additional towels and blankets as needed. 

As each woman is uniquely different in relation to how she is feeling and what might be going on for her in her life, each session is tailored to support her specifically with respect to all known factors. 

"From Esoteric Breast Massage treatments l've had with Jenny I find that self-nurturing is now a more natural part of my day.

I feel like I really know who I am and have developed a much deeper love for myself."

R.C. 43 Brisbane

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