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Complementary Health Practitioner | Naturopath  | Counsellor  


With a background as a naturopath, many years study in Chinese medicine, over 30 years working with integrative medicine and more recently completing a counselling diploma along with studies in Oncology Massage and Lymphoedema, Jenny brings a wealth of insight, understanding and experience to her full-time work in clinical practice.


She is well versed in the marriage of conventional medicine with complementary healing modalities and is a sought-after and well respected practitioner who inspires her clients to renewed vitality and well-being. 


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 If we don't have a well-BEING,

we will never have a truly well BODY

– Jenny Ellis


Jenny offers a range of healthcare services, combining over 30 years experience as a naturopath to offer wisdom, insight and a profound understanding of the healing process. The quality of service, professionalism and her ability to understand and connect  with clients sees her deeply respected by all who know her. 


Over the years demand for complementary healthcare support for those undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and surgery for cancer treatment has allowed Jenny to develop effective and tailored programs for those seeking help. Utilising her experience with Chakra-puncture, nutrition, dietary and counselling support, clients report enormous benefit from this service.


Jenny offers a range of programs within her clinical practise, supporting clients to address longer term or deeply entrenched issues and illness.

These include programs that support those with diabetes, anxiety, exhaustion and inability to sleep as well as a popular and well-established  Detox program - a gentle 12-week program that supports breaking the cycle of chronic unwellness. 

I have never experienced a counsellor who works from such an empowering framework and I am eternally grateful for Jenny’s dedication to her practice.

~ JS, New Farm

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